General Copyright Guidelines

We take publishing rights, copyright laws, and intellectual property very seriously. For each title uploaded, you will need to validate what type of rights you currently have.   There are four options:

  • Original Composition: the music is entirely originally yours and you own the publishing rights.  
  • Arrangement of Public Domain Work: you have arranged a public domain work and provided details on your unique arrangement of the public domain work. 
  • Arrangement of a Copyrighted Work: you have personally acquired legal clearance and worldwide rights from the copyright owner to sell this arrangement.  We reserve the right to request and review any copyright documentation for such titles. You should select this option even if you are uploading a compilation that includes arrangements of both public domain and copyrighted songs.
  • ArrangeMe arrangement:  you have created an arrangement of a copyrighted song as outlined in our ArrangeMe program

We have a zero tolerance policy on copyright infringement. Any titles found to violate copyright laws will be immediately removed and no commissions on these titles will be paid. Repeated offenses will result in the full removal of your account, including all live titles.

Did you know? An original work is protected by copyright law as soon as it's created. You can learn more about copyright and how to register your original work with the U.S. copyright office by visiting their website