What are the full terms and conditions for ArrangeMe?

Here they are:

Each arrangement ("Arrangement") created by a Sheet Music Plus ArrangeMe Arranger ("Arranger") is and shall be, from the inception of the creation thereof, a workmade-for-hire within the meaning of the United States Copyright Act. Accordingly, the song publisher ("Publisher") shall exclusively own and/or control (subject to Publisher's designation of any other appropriate copyright holder) all right, title and interest in and to such Arrangement, including, without limitation, the copyright therein and any extensions and renewals throughout the world for the duration thereof. Notwithstanding the foregoing, Publisher’s licensee Hal Leonard Corporations ("HLC") agrees that absent a separate written agreement, it shall not commercially exploit the Arrangement through any means now or hereafter known provided that Arranger does hereby grant HLC the right to use, and to allow others to use, Arranger's name, approved photograph, approved image, and approved biographical material in connection with promoting the Arrangement and for HLC’s internal purposes. Arranger represents and warrants that: (a) Arranger has the unrestricted right to create the Arrangement for publication by Publisher and sale by Sheet Music Plus; (b) The Arrangement will be entirely the original creation of Arranger (except insofar as it contains material derived from the musical composition(s) upon which it is based); and (c) The Arrangement will not infringe upon any copyright or violate any other rights of any third party who-or whatsoever. (d) The Arrangement will be sold as a standalone title. No medleys, mashups, or collections are allowed. Arranger hereby indemnifies Publisher, HLC and Sheet Music Plus against any loss, damage or expense (including reasonable counsel fees) incurred by Publisher, HLC or Sheet Music Plus as a result of any claim which is inconsistent with the representations and warranties made herein by Arranger. ArrangeMe provides you with the right to sell this Arrangement digitally on Sheet Music Plus and any other Sheet Music Plus websites (such as Choral Sheet Music) or mobile platform. You do not have the right to sell this arrangement on any other website. You do not have the right to create a physical print version of the arrangement for sale or distribution.