Look Inside Pages

Look inside, or preview, pages are set to show 50% of the PDF, up to a maximum of 6 pages including the cover image. For example, if your title is 4 pages, the preview will only show the first 2 pages of the PDF. If your title is 20 pages, the preview will show the first 6 pages of the PDF. If your file has an odd number of pages, the number of pages shown will round up. For example, a file that is 5 pages will display 3 look inside pages. This is a rule in place across our entire digital catalog. 

Customers have told us that the more pages they can see before purchase, the more likely they are to buy the piece. Because we see an improvement on sales of these titles, we have no reason to believe that customers are printing the preview pages. In our tests, the quality of the printed preview pages is so poor that it would be very difficult to use.

If you are concerned about the amount of music shown, we recommend adding a cover image, table of contents, or placing the score at the front of the PDF to push the sheet music or individual parts further away from the front of the PDF.